Damaris Glitz

Damaris graduated from Evangel University with a Social Work degree in 2012. She worked in the foster care system for 8 years and those were some of the most rewarding years of her professional life! In 2013 Damaris met her husband while working in a residential treatment facility. This is where they shared their desires to open their home to children in need. They married in 2016 and not too long after, took in their first teenage foster placement. 

Damaris started with The Doula Foundation in 2018 as a birth and postpartum intern until 2020 when the pandemic shifted so many things in her life. That was also the time she found out they were expecting their little girl! Working as a doula for the Doula Foundation, she felt herself come alive. She can never adequately express how much it means to her to be a part of a family’s birth story.

Team Information

 Family Care Specialist