Breastfeeding Support

Our community-based doulas and perinatal community healthcare workers are trained breastfeeding peer counselors. In addition to our providing in-depth breastfeeding education through our monthly childbirth class series, our doulas give real-time, individualized breastfeeding support to mothers and families in their homes and via phone support. Our doulas support breastfeeding mothers by giving:

  • Tips on getting a good start to breastfeeding
  • Assistance with correct latch and positioning
  • Help with overcoming common barriers to breastfeeding
  • Encouragement for proper nutrition and hydration for lactation
  • Help with breastfeeding concerns, including referrals to lactation consultants
  • Ideas on how family and friends can give support
  • Education on breast care, feeding patterns, working breastfeeding into their busy life, pumping and storing milk, baby’s cues, and more

IBCLC services are available by appointment. Call 417-832-9222 for details.