Jordana Kern

 From a young teen Jordana had a passion for serving others in her community, volunteering at local community programs as well as her church. She found her heart was drawn toward serving the women in her community during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery. It was obvious to Jordana that she wanted to pursue a career in the field of service and support to women as a Doula. She became the mother of three beautiful children and continued to be a devoted volunteer in her community and church. She pursued her passion for birth work and is now a Certified Birth (DONA) Doula and continues her education in birth work to expand the support she can provide.
Her experience as a support partner serving other moms as well as her own story has taught her how diverse the journey to motherhood can be; It can be beautiful, messy, fulfilling , exhausting, hilarious, emotional and so much more and Jordana is excited to provide support and a hand to hold through it all. 

Team Information

 Certified Birth Doula