Janene Moser

Janene is a Certified Postpartum (DONA) Doula. She worked as an art teacher for twelve years in the Springfield Public Schools during which time she earned her Master’s Degree in Education. Prior to that she was a counselor for an outdoor program for juvenile offenders for ten years.

Janene knew the founder of the Doula Foundation and thought it was such a wonderful organization. When she retired, becoming a doula seemed like such a perfect way to combine some of the skills she gained while teaching and counseling. She learned during those years how to listen, instruct, guide, connect, and nurture a wide variety of personalities. She really loved the idea of working with women and their families one-on-one during such an important time in their lives. Janene loves to be there to listen to women’s desires and fears concerning motherhood, and to meet their needs as best as she can–including finding resources and supporting them through the first few months postpartum.

Team Information

 Certified Postpartum Doula