Amy Quinn

Amy is a Certified Birth and Postpartum (DONA) Doula. She is married and a mother to 6 beautiful children. Amy loves the blessing of motherhood and understands the challenges that go along with it. She has the experience of her own 5 births as well as the experience of adopting. She spent many years dedicated to caring for her family as her only full time job.

15 years ago Amy had a friend that dealt with a difficult pregnancy. She supported her throughout and then came across a description for a doula. She knew it was something she would love to do. She got busy with life and family and  then finally had the opportunity to attend a DONA certified doula training at the Doula Foundation. Amy believes each woman no matter what their financial, educational, and religious or life choices deserve loving support, education, and resource knowledge throughout the childbirth experience.

Team Information

 Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula